Long Post

I had a couple of games this weekend. Another training mission against the Templars of Righteousness. It didn’t go overly well, but thankfully the Blood Guard Chaplain Master Uthor Fenix did go up to their Captain and just batter him a new one! Typical of Uthor really, plead ignorance to the mess that their numbers are doing to you Sergeants and go for glory! Still, it was the first time he had made an appearance in his nice new shiny Terminator armour. He loved it! I won’t go into to much detail of how quickly a lot of my heavy support was taken out in the first round of the game. (How does that even happen!? Poor leadership skills, that’s how!) It put the Blood Guard in for a set back for the entire game without that support and the Templars of Righteousness claimed victory.

After their training, it’s always a pleasure to go against our Battle Brothers, Hive Fleet Vespidae came for a rematch.
Clearly limber from their training. Uthor, still in his Terminator Armour and his 5 man Terminator squard, took down Two Carnifexes, a Hive Tyrant and its guard. Mostly due to them having little ripper swarms under foot and stabbing themselves in the face, but don’t tell Uthor that!
One of the Vanguard took charge of a smaller unit of assault squad today while Reid was recovering from injuries sustained during previous excursions. They did themselves proud and went Brain Bug hunting!
Sadly there were few other highlights to the battles, that I can currently remember. My nice new shiny Ironclad did very little both rounds as it just seemed to get hunted down. It’s glory will come!

In slightly other news. The Demo for Space Marine was downloaded, and my Goodness. That is a game worth Fangirling over! As if my Chapter didn’t get enough attention already!

The wedding was nice.