Does anyone else have this?

I don’t know why, but I tend to remember a hell of a lot of the things I do online.
I remember pretty much everything that I roleplay out, or most of the people I meet. Even if I do not recall names all the time.

I remember one instance of Warcraft, where I was leveling my Hunter. Who is now 85, and this was back before the world changed for Cataclysm. She was one of my first characters as well… just to give you an indication of her age. There was a quest in which you have to kill the mayor of Hillsbrad, ad I got talking to this rogue. Just about general rubbish while we waited for the respawn. We grouped to make it easier. However, we were so busy talking to one another that we both got killed. It was rather funny and gave us a good laugh! But, why do I still remember it nearly three years later?

Yet, I cannot remember really important things in life… like peoples birthdays!?